Thursday, August 13, 2009

Suspects should not sleep easy

Suspects should not sleep easy

14/08/2009 4:00:00 AM
Number one suspect Malcolm Naden, wanted in relation to the disappearance of Lateesha Nolan, should never have reason to “sleep easy” according to NSW Opposition spokesman for police Mike Gallacher.

In the wake of the disappearances attracting the notice of Deputy State Coroner Carl Milovanovich both the NSW Opposition and Dubbo MP Dawn Fardell have expressed concern about homicide resources.

Mr Milovanovich called on the Government to set up a “special taskforce” to “look at a number of unsolved homicides and missing persons (suspected deaths) of young women in NSW” last week.

While the Government seeks advice on the recommendation, yesterday Mr Gallacher stopped short of backing the task force absolutely, but he stressed the importance of have enough homicide crew members available.

“It’s unclear exactly what has become of the resources that were previously identified in the Orana area,” he said.

“Whether they have been amalgamated, moved to another area or simply done away with is unclear.

“It is important for the community to know how many cold case investigations are still outstanding in the Orana area.

“The first question is, is there a dedicated officer and if not, why not.

“We do need information about the status of resources to re-investigate the matters.”

Earlier this week the father of Ms Nolan, Mick Peet, backed Mr Milovanovich’s recommendation and spoke of his devastation since his daughter’s disappearance in January 2005.

“The family and the community and the offenders must all know that resourcing should never be an issue in relation to the re-examination of these matters,” Mr Gallacher said.

“I say offenders because there must be no doubt in their mind despite the passage of time that the police never give up.

“That it’s not forgotten about, that they can’t sleep easy.

“We want them to be constantly looking over their shoulder and the family needs to know their loss does matter.”

Ms Fardell also cast doubt on the Government’s handling of the matter.

Mr Milovanovich’s recommendation suggested there were not enough resources being put into investigating missing persons, she said.

Ms Fardell recommended any step along the path to a special taskforce should involve consultation with police to ensure it was well carried out.

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