Thursday, September 17, 2009

Father pleads for taskforce update

Father pleads for taskforce update

10/09/2009 4:00:00 AM
The father of missing Dubbo woman Lateesha Nolan is pleading for updates from the Government as to whether a taskforce will be set up to investigate a string of cold cases across the State, a suggestion put forward by the Deputy State Coroner last month.

In August the Daily Telegraph reported on the recommendation from Deputy State Coroner Carl Milovanovich to police to set up a taskforce to reinvestigate a string of missing young women cases, including Lateesha Nolans, because he feared they had all been murdered.

At the time NSW police minister Tony Kelly said he was reviewing the findings of the Deputy State Coroner and was seeking advice from the Commissioner of Police and the experts from the homicide squad.

Mr Peet said to this day he had heard no more about the taskforce and had been left wondering about whether Mr Milovanovich’s suggestion had got anywhere.

“If I could speak to these people I would ask them to put themselves in my shoes,” Mr Peet said.

“I would ask them to imagine how hard it is for me and other families out there,” he said.

Mr Peet said the “not knowing” is the hardest part of dealing the loss of his daughter, even four years after she went missing here in Dubbo.

He said his mind will not rest until wanted man Malcolm Naden is caught and justice is served.

Naden is wanted by police for question in relation to the death of Dubbo woman Kristy Scholes and the disappearance of Lateesha

“Its just hard, you’re hopes get up and you think something’s getting done and something’s happening but you get let down again,” he said.

“I don’t sleep, I have dreams about it.

“Nobody could image just how it feels unless they go through it themselves.”

This week a spokesperson for minister Kelly said talks between the minister and NSW police were continuing and the suggestion of a taskforce was being reviewed.

No indication was given as to whether a taskforce would be formed to investigate the cases.

Since Lateesha’s disappearance Mr Peet started a Facebook group in the hope he could source extra information from people who may have seen or heard where Malcolm Naden is hiding.

He said since up-loading Naden’s picture on the site it has received over 6000 hits.

“I get emails from people all the time saying they have seen Malcom, but we can’t really be sure if they have,” Mr Peet said.

“Any information I do get though I pass on to a detective who is working on Lateesha’s case.

“I just want Malcolm caught.”

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