Thursday, August 13, 2009

Case remains cold as missing persons taskforce uncertain

13/08/2009 4:00:00 AM
Relatives of missing women, including Lateesha Nolan from Dubbo, are yet to hear if a renewed effort to find their loved ones will be mounted.

NSW Police Minister Tony Kelly gave no indication yesterday if he would support Deputy State Coroner Carl Milovanovich’s recommendation that homicide police set up a taskforce to re-investigate a string of missing young women.

Mr Milovanovich made the unusual recommendation last week after delivering an open finding into the disappearance of 24-year-old Kellie Carmichael in 2001.

Ms Nolan was last seen on January 4, 2005 at the home of her grandmother in West Dubbo.

Her abandoned car was later found near the Macquarie River.

This week Ms Nolan’s suffering father, Mick Peet, backed Mr Milovanovich’s call for a homicide taskforce, but the NSW Government is yet to decide if police should try to unfreeze the cold cases.

“The Government is currently reviewing the findings of the Deputy State Coroner and are seeking advice from the Commissioner of Police and the experts from the Homicide Squad,” a spokesman for Mr Kelly said yesterday.

Nor was there any indication from Mr Kelly that the disappearance of Ms Nolan would be included in any future taskforce when the Daily Liberal asked the question yesterday.

Mr Milovanovich did not specify any names of missing or dead victims, nor the number of cases he wanted investigated or whether there were links, the Daily Telegraph reported on Monday.

He also recommended that Ms Carmichael’s disappearance be referred to the homicide squad’s unsolved homicide team and that consideration be given to offering a $200,000 reward in the case.

Police have warrants in place for the arrest of the main suspect in both the Ms Nolan disappearance and the murder of Kristy Scholes, Malcolm Naden.

The Police Minister already put a $50,000 reward in place in 2007 for ‘Information leading to the arrest of Malcolm Naden’.

Ms Nolan is one of at least 11 missing women in NSW, six of whom were last seen between Katoomba and Dubbo.

The parents of missing Bathurst woman Janine Vaughan would also like to see the case investigated by a taskforce.

Ms Vaughan has not been seen since she walked from The Tavern Nightclub early on Friday, December 7, 2001 and accepted a lift in a small red car.

An inquest into her disappearance and possible murder has been adjourned part heard before State Coroner Mary Jerram at the Bathurst Court House and is due to resume on Monday, September 14.

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