Friday, December 23, 2011

DECEMBER 23 2011 The Hunt for Naden Continues

 Mick Peet speaks Out Bring in the Army
channel 7 and channel 9 report on naden 23rd dec 2011
Length: ‎5:10

Brisbane Times

Police meet their match in phantom of the bush

Ross Cameron
December 24, 2011

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Police came within metres of fugitive but he still got away

Saffron Howden
December 23, 2011

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Police warn bush fugitive Malcolm Naden is on the hunt for firepower

 GUN owners from Niangala to Nowendoc have been warned to lock up their rifles as fugitive Malcolm Naden prowls the Tuggolo State Forest looking for shelter.


Public warned to be wary of NSW fugitive 

 Police on the trail of fugitive Malcolm Naden are urging all gun owners in northern NSW to ensure their firearms are safely locked away.


Fugitive suspected of bush break-in

Updated December 22, 2011 13:05:48
 Police believe a break-in at a home in remote New South Wales bushland may be linked to fugitive Malcolm Naden.

 NSW police were left red-faced yesterday after allowing a golden opportunity to capture one of Australia's most wanted men slip through their fingers.

Alleged killer gives police the slip again


The Americas - WORLD

 Australian Police Miss Chance to Capture Fugitive Bushman

Australian Police Miss Chance To Capture Fugitive Bushman | Fox News

We'll catch up with Mitchell Naden, say police

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