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ABC News Policeman shot in hunt for murder suspect

ABC News ABC News 

Policeman shot in hunt for murder suspect

Updated December 07, 2011 20:20:40
Police in New South Wales are out in large numbers tonight as the hunt for one of the state's most wanted men continues.
Malcolm Naden, 38, has been on the run for six years and is most recently suspected of shooting a senior constable.
He is wanted for the 2005 murder of his cousin near Dubbo in the state's west and for questioning in relation to the disappearance of another woman earlier that year.
Acting Deputy Commissioner David Hudson says a tip-off about his whereabouts led police to a campsite in rugged terrain near Tamworth in the state's north this morning.
An officer attached to a specialist unit was shot in the shoulder by a single shot fired by an unseen gunman, believed to be Naden.
The 33-year-old officer was transferred to John Hunter Hospital at Newcastle but was later released.
Mr Hudson says Naden is constantly on the move.
"He is very well skilled at bushcraft. He is obviously very well skilled at surviving in rugged terrain and surviving off the land," he said.
Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione says anyone who spots Naden should not approach him.
"He is armed and he is dangerous," Mr Scipione told reporters in Sydney.
"If he was cornered I am sure that he would be violent, so we are again repeating do not try and confront him, call triple-0, let the police do their job.
"I need to reassure the public we are there in big numbers and we are able to deal with this offender."
Earlier this year the State Government increased the reward for information leading to Naden's capture to $100,000.
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