Sunday, December 18, 2005

From nicol morris of the missing persons register

Malcolm Naden
Lateesha Nolan

Dear Editor,

Please find following a press release regarding the first anniversary of the disappearance of LATEESHA NOLAN, a 24 year old mother of four who is missing presumed murdered from Dubbo NSW. Release also contains information about Malcolm Naden, Lateesha's cousin who is wanted for questioning in Lateesha's disappearance and also the murder of another 24 year old mother, Kristy Scholes, who was murdered in the same house Lateesha went missing from 6 months later.

at the top of this page is a photographs of Lateesha and also Malcolm Naden. I can provide further info if required including descriptions, an additional photo of Lateesha and the Wanted poster of Malcom Naden. I can also arrange interviews with Lateesha Nolan's family.

I am Nicole Morris from the Australian Missing Persons Register, a website I set up on my own to assist the friends and families of the missing in Australia and help in locating them. All text below was written by me and may be used as a base for any story you wish to put together about this case. I can be contacted on 07 4698 1926 or via e mail -

My website is -
Lateesha is on the NSW Page of this site and also on my other website - - Malcom Naden info - Kristy Scholes info

Lateesha is listed as missing with NSW Police and Malcom Naden is officially on the NSW Police Wanted list. Strikeforce Durkin has been set up to deal with these crimes, based in Dubbo.

Thanks in advance,

Nicole Morris
Australian Missing Persons Register

Lateesha Nolan was a fresh faced, pretty 24 year old Mum with four children under the age of 5. She lived in the western NSW town of Dubbo and had a strong family network; she was very close to her grandmother and mother and on the night of Tuesday January 4th 2005 Lateesha went to visit her grandmother in Bunglegumbie Road, Dubbo at about 9:30pm. She asked her grandmother to watch her children and she would be "back in a sec". She left her cigarettes and purse on the table, indicating she would not be gone for long. She went outside to her car, a dark blue 1996 Ford Falcon station wagon registration number YOU 505 with green "P" plates on the car. Her grandmother thought there may have been someone waiting for Lateesha in her car, someone she was giving a lift to.

The following day, Wednesday January 5th at 5:30pm, this car was discovered by police abandoned in the carpark on the Eastern bank of the Macquarie River in Tamworth Street Dubbo. Lateesha has never been found, and one year on from her disappearance her family are appealing to anyone who may have information about what has happened to her to please come forward.

Further to this mystery is the murder of a close friend of Lateesha's, Kristy Scholes, in the same house Lateesha went missing from. Kristy, age 24 years was the girlfriend of one of Lateesha's cousins, a mother of two small children and was staying in the house while her own was being repainted. Her body was discovered inside a locked bedroom on June 22nd 2005. The bedroom belonged to another cousin of Lateesha Nolan - 31 year old Malcolm Naden.

Malcolm Naden has not been seen since June 20th, 2 days before Kristy's body was discovered in his bedroom. He has now been on the run for 6 months, and there have been various sightings of him in the Walgett area and other NSW country towns. To date he remains on the run and is urgently wanted by NSW Police.

Lateesha's family will be holding a Candlelight vigil in Dubbo on January 4th, the 1 year anniversary of her disappearance.


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