Monday, December 26, 2005

candlelight vigil for lateesha

Missing this is the poem in lateeshas picture

Early in every morn', when suns light the rooms of this house, you are here- here, inside pictures on the wall- here in the silence of memories. Your movements are felt inside us, and we reach out to find you against gray walls, undivided, sensing your smile all around us, when thinking your name. There are those who walk with you, as angels in the dark... angels will find you, by your whisper.And always with you, they watch over you. And sometimes in the early light of morn', they gather to the shore of every ocean, looking out to the tall white waves, that come in their calling, and together, chant prayers for the missing, that may you find a sense of comfort there. You are lost, but not far from the single quiet whisper of hope, nor from the eyes of angels, and hearts of those, who still cometo the silent waves, in wait of light's flicker...watching from the shore.You, are not alone.

candlelight vigil for lateesha

Candlelight Vigil for Lateesha Nolan - To be held on the first anniversary of Lateesha's disappearance, January 4th 2006. The vigil will be held from 5pm onwards at the spot where her car was located, in the carpark on the Eastern bank of the Macquarie River in Tamworth Street, Dubbo. Anyone who would like to support the family or those who have lost family members this way are welcome to come along and talk about their loved ones and share their grief with those who understand how they feel. Please contact nicol if you require further information - or mick -

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