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Australias most wanted fugitive – Malcolm Naden

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Australian Police place the Biggest Bounty ever offered in Australia’s history
The first since the Kelly bounty in 1879.

Malcolm John Naden 05/11/1973 is of an Aboriginal appearance. Police say Malcolm Naden is armed, dangerous and should not be approached. Naden has been in hiding since June 2005 and is wanted over murder and indecent assault offenses. He is currently Australia’s most wanted man,last seen in the state of New South Wales. Believed to be living rough in the bush around Barrington Tops.
Malcolm Naden is a skilled bush fugitive and has been eluding authorities since 2005, when he fled his grandparents’ home in west Dubbo days after his cousin, 24-year-old mother-of-two Kristy Scholes, was found strangled in his bedroom.
Naden is also suspected of involvement in the disappearance a few months earlier of another of his cousin, Lateesha Nolan, and the rape of a 15-year-old schoolgirl.
Double murderer Malcolm Naden is ready to shoot it out with police rather than be captured alive. He is now Australia’s Most wanted Fugitive with a Bounty on his head.
Malcom Naden, Taken 2006-2007
In June 2005, Naden disappeared from his grandparents’ home in West Dubbo, days before 24-year-old Kristy Scholes was found strangled in a bedroom of the home.
Prior to this incident, Naden was already named as a suspect in the disappearance of another of his cousin, Lateesha Nolan, who had been reported missing in January 2005.
Malcolm Naden’s Victims
Kirsty Scholes,24, a mother of two Found Locked in a bedroom
Kristy Scholes
Personal Details
Last Seen: 22 June 2005
Year of Birth: 1981
Age: 24
Height (cm): 165.0
Build: Medium
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Green/Hazel
Complexion: Medium
Racial: Aboriginal
Circumstances: Police are investigating possible links between the murder of an Aboriginal woman in the NSW central west and the suspicious disappearance of a close relative.
The body of Kristy Scholes, 24, a mother of two, was found by police in a locked room at a West Dubbo home, after she was reported missing by a friend that afternoon.
Police found the body of Kristy Scholes, 24, inside a house in Bumblegumbie Road, Dubbo, in the early hours of the morning on Thursday 23 June.
Lateesha Nolan
Lateesha Nolan
Personal Details
Last seen: Tuesday, 04 January 2005
Year of birth: 1980
Height: 165 cm
Build: Medium
Eyes: Green/Hazel
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Medium
Gender: Female
Circumstances: Lateesha has been missing since January 4th 2005. She was last seen in Dubbo NSW. In June of 2005 Lateesha’s friend Kristy Scholes was found murdered in the same house Lateesha was last seen in. Since that day, Lateesha’s cousin Malcolm Naden has been also missing and is currently the most wanted man in NSW
There have been numerous searches across bushland from the Barrington Tops to west of Kempsey in the six years since Mr Naden slipped a police net outside Dubbo’s Western Plains Zoo.
THE suspected killer Malcolm Naden is costing the police budget hundreds of thousands of dollars a day as he refuses to give himself up
The Hunt for Malcolm Naden
Tactical Operation Unit officers, dressed in camouflage gear
It is the largest police operation of its type,
Sydney Tactical Operation Unit officers, dressed in camouflage gear and armed with high-powered rifles, and State Protection Support unit officers from the northern and southern police regions.
the cost of the six-year hunt for the country’s most wanted man could easily surpass $10 million.

Police had Naden but still he vanishes

On Wednesday 7 December 2011, inquiries led police to dense bushland near Nowendoc.
When specialist officers began moving in on a campsite a shot was fired towards police, striking an officer in the shoulder. The injured officer received treatment at Newcastle’s John Hunter Hospital and was later released and is recovering from his injuries.
Naden is accused of firing the gunshot.
At the campsite police located food, bedding and clothing while two firearms were located concealed in the vicinity of the campsite.
Strike Force Durkin, comprising detectives from the State Crime Command’s Homicide Squad, was formed to investigate and establish the whereabouts of 38-year-old Malcolm Naden.
Operation Commander Assistant Commissioner Carlene York said information from the public is vital to the operation.
Saturday, 24 December 2011
Ballistics tests confirm seized gun used to shoot police officer – Strike Force Durkin
His fingerprints or DNA have now been confirmed at more than a dozen break-ins, although he is suspected of scores of other similar burglaries.
The seizure of a third gun occurred on Wednesday 21 December 2011, when police responded to reports of a break-in at an unoccupied house on a rural property at Niangala, west of Nowendoc.

Once Again Naden Escapes The Police

Police attended the location and saw a man, believed to be Malcolm Naden, at the house.
A tactical operation was mounted to secure the premises, and about 7:30pm, a search was conducted inside the premises, however, the man was not located.
A .22-calibre rifle with scope was located at the premises and seized by police for forensic and ballistic testing. Subsequent tests have confirmed the weapon was used to shoot the police officer on 7 December 2011.
Meanwhile, fingerprints located at the break-in at the Niangala property have now been analysed and confirmed as belonging to Malcolm Naden.
Still the search continues for Malcolm Naden

Featured Articles

Amy Mcquire From: August 18, 2011
Where on earth is Malcolm Naden?
Margaret’s memories of Naden are inconsistent with his public profile, which pits him as a wild, dangerous man.
“The Malcolm we knew was nice,” says Margaret. “He would never hurt anybody.”
“…He used to read a lot. He used to read the bible and go to bible studies… but he wasn’t the sort who would preach.
“He was just very quiet.”
She says he had a strong connection to his grandparents, and would do anything to help them. He had lived with them since his mid-teens.
“He’d wash up for mum. He’d wipe up, clean the house, hang the clothes on the line. He wasn’t worried about what sort of job it was,” she recalls.
“He’d just do all of that.”
Not only was Naden quiet, but he was also painfully shy. He didn’t have many outside friends, but would hang around his male cousins, often visiting Margaret.
Andrew Rule From: Herald Sun January 21, 2012
Malcolm John Naden: Weird loner or deviant killer
Malcolm’s Father who is in his 60′s still works as a shearer and has vast knowledge of the land and bush survival skills. this is a common skill that was passed down the Naden family. Even Malcolm’s Grandfather Jack Nolan is a skilled bushman and hard worker, too.
Born in the bush in 1927, he has toiled most of his 85 years, from horse-breaking to fencing, driving trucks, graders and bulldozers, picking fruit and construction. Even in retirement, Jack cut firewood for half “the mob” in West Dubbo, where he and Florence lived in the same neat house more than 40 years until the day their grandson Malcolm destroyed their world.

The Timeline

December 07, 2011
A POLICE officer has been shot in a sniper attack possibly carried out by New South Wales’ most wanted man, Malcolm Naden, early today.
December 08, 2011
Shoot-out with police – killer Malcolm Naden won’t be taken alive
December 09, 2011
THE reward for accused murderer Malcolm Naden has more than doubled to $250,000 as the hunt for him in northern New South Wales enters its third day.
December 12, 2011
A FINGERPRINT has confirmed fugitive Malcolm Naden used a campsite uncovered by police at Nowendoc in northern NSW.
December 22, 2011
POLICE in New South Wales were alerted to a break-in at a rural property west of Nowendoc during the search for fugitive Malcolm Naden yesterday.
December 23, 2011
POLICE confronted and spoke to Malcolm Naden at a property in northern NSW before the fugitive once again gave them the slip.
December 24, 2011
A GUN seized after a break and enter near Nowendoc has been confirmed as the firearm used to shoot a police officer earlier this month.
December 27, 2011
NEW South Wales’ most wanted man, Malcolm Naden, is probably surviving on raw kangaroo or wombat, the mayor of the region where he is believed to be hiding says.
December 30, 2011
Police step up pressure on Malcolm Naden while investigating a break in at a property in Niangala on December 21.
January 05, 2012
POLICE have scaled back their hunt for Australia’s most wanted fugitive after spending close to $3 million on the search.
A $250,000 reward is being offered for information leading to his capture.
Anyone with information can contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Sighted: police get within 50 metres of most wanted man

Saffron Howden in Nowendoc
December 22, 2011

Read more:
Thunderbolts Way near Nowendoc ... one of the areas where police are searching for Malcolm Naden, inset. Photo: Kate Geraghty
 Police came within about 50 metres of the state's most wanted man on Wednesday as they closed in on an empty house in remote bushland south-east of Tamworth.
As the resource-intensive ground search for Malcolm Naden, 38, intensified this week, police focused their energy on a property in deep bushland down a long, dirt road between Nowendoc and Nundle.
A man police suspect was Naden - on the run from Dubbo since 2005 and wanted for alleged murder, the alleged sexual assault of a child, and for questioning over a suspected murder - was reported at the property, which is used as a weekender by a Walcha resident.
The has learned police got close enough to Naden on Wednesday to be sighted by an officer.
He is now described as being 177cm tall, with a medium build and brown eyes, close cropped hair, and a shaven face, but a moustache.
The operation, still based at a makeshift command centre in Nowendoc, about a kilometre from Thunderbolt's Way, was about to be scaled back before Naden was picked up by the home security system.
Specialist police and police dogs continued to search the surrounding area today where they believe they may have him hemmed in within a few kilometres.

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