Saturday, February 19, 2011

Capture a rich reward Tim Barlass February 20, 2011

BOUNTY hunters could be tempted to capture one of the most wanted criminals in NSW, alleged murderer Malcolm Naden, after a police reward was doubled to $100,000, the family of one of his victims says.

Naden, 37, an abattoir worker, has eluded police since 2005 and is believed to be living rough in the bush around Barrington Tops.

He allegedly strangled Kristy Scholes, a 24-year-old mother, in Dubbo in 2005. Naden is also a suspect in the disappearance of his cousin Lateesha Nolan, last seen at the same house as Ms Scholes after dropping off two of her four children in January 2005.
The families of the women, who only became aware of the increased reward when The Sun-Herald contacted them, welcomed the decision.

Ms Scholes's mother-in-law, Margaret Walker, who is raising Ms Scholes's children, said the increase could prompt bounty hunters to get involved in finding Naden.

''People need money, [bounty hunters] could be a big possibility,'' she said.

Ms Nolan's father, Mick Peet, said: ''It only takes one person to spot him to get the reward or to catch and bring him in. We have been waiting for this increase for a long time.''

Naden, also wanted over alleged links to an aggravated indecent assault of a 15-year-old-girl in 2004, is believed to move at night and residents suspect he has broken into weekend cottages.

The reward is for information leading to his capture.

Police Minister Michael Daley said: ''Kristy and Lateesha left behind six young children - and those kids deserve justice for their mothers. Police will never give up on finding Naden … He is not a Ned Kelly-like folk hero.''

Anyone with information can contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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