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Father pleads: I just want some answers PATRICK BILLINGS 05 Jan, 2011 04:00 AM

Father pleads: I just want some answers
05 Jan, 2011 04:00 AM
Six years after the unsolved disappearance of his 24-year-old daughter in Dubbo, Mick Peet is calling for a greater response by authorities.

Lateesha Nolan was last seen in West Dubbo when she left the home of her grandparents saying she would be “back in a sec”, leaving her wallet and cigarettes behind.

Seven months later the body of her cousin’s partner, Kristy Scholes, also 24, was found in the bedroom of the home of Ms Nolan’s cousin Malcolm Naden.

Both mothers lived in the home with Naden who disappeared himself after Ms Scholes’ body was found.

Police have been looking for the former abattoir worker ever since.

In December 2005 Taronga Western Plains Zoo was shut down while about 60 police and a helicopter searched the grounds after a reported sighting of Naden.

The next reported sighting came three years later in Bellbrook about 50 kilometres inland from Kempsey in northern NSW.

According to one report a woman woke up to find the suspected double-murderer wearing a mask and camouflage gear as he loomed over her.

Bellbrook residents also believed Naden, now 37, was behind several break-ins that saw items such as tinned food, binoculars and camping gear stolen.

At the time police said they were taking the reports seriously commenting that some 600 reports into his whereabouts had been made since 2005.

The latest focus on his whereabouts came earlier this year when a pig hunter stumbled across a campsite in the dense bush land of Barrington Tops in the Hunter Valley.

Police say they have now ruled out any link between the campsite and Naden.

The NSW government announced a $50,000 bounty for Naden’s capture, rather than conviction, in 2007.

Mr Peet is calling for this to be quadrupled to match other rewards offered for the state’s outlaws.

These include $200,000 for James Dalamangas who is also wanted in relation to murder while $500,000 is being offered for information relating to the 1999 murder of Gulgong woman Michelle Bright.

Mr Peet believed a larger reward for Naden would increase the likelihood of him being found.

“I just want some answers as to why Malcolm Naden hasn’t been caught, what the police are doing about it and why his reward hasn’t been raised,” he said yesterday.

“I’m trying to get things changed but it is very difficult to get any sort of response from anyone.

“From day one I don’t think there’s been enough done.”

Based in Queensland Mr Peet runs a website and a Facebook page devoted to finding out what happened to his daughter.

“It is something you can’t explain. It goes through my mind, I don’t get sleep, I get so frustrated with him still being out there,” he said.

“I don’t think the news is getting out there quick enough. In Bellbrook I was talking to people ... they actually saw him go into a pub. In that whole town not one person I spoke to knew he was wanted.

“There is just not the publicity out there, it needs to be jacked up.”

Detectives from the State Crime Command’s Homicide Squad encourage the public to contact police if they have any information that may assist with investigations. Police also continue to advise that if anyone sights Naden, do not approach him, but rather contact local police or Crime Stoppers immediately on 1800 333 000.
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This poor man is living a nightmare, i wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.
Posted by john, 5/01/2011 5:09:29 AM, on Dubbo Daily Liberal
Liberal, while I am sure I could never comprehend the pain these families are going through, you appear to be constantly republishing the same old information regarding Lateesha Nolan and Malcolm Naden, whenever a vague anniversary or some broken pots are found in the bush.

This actually goes against you - one, printing old news,

two, being completely see-through in your voracious hunt for anything salatious which hits your credibility,

and three, much worse, it helps to set Naden as some sort of mythological creature, which will ultimately be positive for his cause.
Posted by ed van halen, 5/01/2011 8:40:02 AM, on Dubbo Daily Liberal
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