Thursday, September 09, 2010

Second .22 rifle stolen
FUGITIVE Malcolm Naden
may have his hands on a
second gun after a rifle was
stolen from a Barrington property.
In the latest in a series of
burglaries believed to be the
work of the suspected double
murderer, a thief has been
able to break into the residence
near Mount Mooney and
take a .22 calibre rifle as well
as ammunition.
The theft occurred sometime
between Sunday, August
29, and Thursday, September 2.
It is the second .22 calibre
rifle to be taken from a remote
Barrington Tops property
since July.
On both occasions other
guns were left behind,
strengthening a police theory
that Naden is picking his
target. Small calibre rifles are
much quieter and would
therefore raise less suspicion
if heard while hunting
The property owner, who did
not wish to be named last
night, said the thief had also
stolen non-perishable food.
The break-in mirrors more
than 20 others across the Barrington
Tops since Easter,
which police have told locals
are the work of Naden.
The former skinner and
boner at a Dubbo abattoir has
expert bushman skills and has
been on the run from authorities
for five years.
He is wanted over the disappearance
and suspected
murder of his cousin Lateesha
Nolan and the murder of a
cousin’s partner, Kristy
Scholes, both at Dubbo in 2005.
He is listed as the state’s
most wanted man and is the
first person to have a bounty
placed on his head in 110 years
when $50,000 was announced
for his arrest.
The latest burglary victim
said it was the first time the
thief had targeted his property,
which is several kilometres
from where some Mount
Mooney properties were targeted
last month.
Naden is suspected of burglaries
on remote properties on
the eastern, western and
northern fringes of the Barrington

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