Sunday, January 18, 2009

Town in fear of Naden

19/01/2009 10:04:00 AM
Father of missing Dubbo woman Lateesha Nolan, Mick Peet has expressed his concern for residents in the NSW town of Bellbrook, who claim they are being terrorised by the State’s most wanted man, Malcolm Naden.

“I felt pretty worried for the people that are living there. I don’t want what happened to me to happen them, as in losing my daughter,” he said.

Naden hit the national news again after a report in yesterday’s Sun Herald tells of residents of Bellbrook, 52 kilometres inland from Kempsey in northern NSW, claiming they are being targeted by numerous break-ins, whom they believe Naden is responsible for.

Dubbo man Malcolm Naden is wanted for questioning over the disappearance of his cousin Lateesha Nolan, mother of four who mysteriously disappeared four years ago in Dubbo on January 4.

Naden is also being sought for questioning over the death of Lateesha’s cousin Kristy Scholes, the mother of two whose body was found in Naden’s locked bedroom at their grandparents house.

Ms Nolan’s father Mr Peet, who now resides in Queensland, said when he first read yesterday’s article he thought Naden had been caught.

“We might get some closure . . . but when I read into it more I am really happy that they actually found his fingerprints,” he said.

Mr Peet said there was a large Aboriginal community in Bellbrook and hoped someone might spot him and turn him in.

“It’s the hardest thing not having any closure.

“Until he’s caught I don’t think anyone would know why he may have done what he is assumed to have done.

“My biggest word is ‘why’.

“Why would he do it to a young girl with four kids who has

now got no mother to grow up with? I think that is on everyone’s mind.

“I would like to confront him (Naden) myself and ask him that big question and I really want to know where she really is . . . where is she? We need to bring her home and lay her to rest.”

Naden is believed to be behind a dozen break-ins, according to residents of Bellbrook, in which a large number of items were stolen.

According to the Sun Herald missing items include non-perishable food, torches, camping gear, warm clothes, raincoats and binoculars.

The community of Bellbrook has accused NSW police of ignoring their fears after the town’s only policeman was ordered to conduct beach patrols, 90 kilometres away, according to the Sun Herald.

Bellbrook locals have protested for more security in the town, as there have been more than 600 reports of Naden’s whereabouts in the past three years across the State.

Mr Peet has emotionally renewed pleas for information over the disappearance over his daughter to come forward.

“If anyone does know anything come forward and do it

for the kids, so they can put flowers on their mum’s grave,” he said.

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