Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Police warn fugitive,s allies

Police warn fugitive's allies
By Marnie O'NeillJanuary 01, 2006

POLICE hunting suspected double murderer Malcolm Naden have warned that those responsible for hiding him could face 25 years to life in jail.Naden, 31, is accused of murdering his cousin Kristy Scholes and causing the disappearance of Lateesha Nolan, leaving six children behind.
He has been on the run for six months and is considered an expert bushman.
Detectives believe he has sought refuge in Dubbo's Western Plains Zoo and that friends are helping to feed and hide him.
The zoo was temporarily shut last week as police scoured the scrub for clues to Naden's whereabouts.
"That person or persons faces charges of accessory after the fact to murder, which is akin to murder and carries a penalty of 25 years to life," Homicide Squad Detective Sergeant Bryne Ruse said.
At the very least, they face charges of aiding and abetting or perverting the course of justice."
Mother of two Ms Scholes, 24, was found strangled in Naden's bedroom at their grandparents' Bumblegumbie Rd home in Dubbo on June 23 last year. Her cousin Ms Nolan, also 24, disappeared on January 4 last year after dropping off her four children at the same house.
Her body has never been found and police fear she too has been murdered.
Naden is the prime suspect in both cases.
Naden's aunt, Janette Lancaster, said she felt for the two women.
"We will never give up, there is no way we will give up until we know what happened to Lateesha and the circumstances surrounding Kristy's death," she said.
Naden moved in with his grandparents while in Year 7 because of a poor relationship with his own parents.
The Sunday Telegraph understands the crimes he is accused of and his fugitive status have divided the family. Naden's father refused to comment last week.
The family will hold a candlelight vigil for Ms Nolan on Wednesday

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