Tuesday, August 30, 2005

me and my daughter lateesha

It has been almost eight months since my daughter Lateesha went missing from Dubbo, NSW. Since that terrible day when I was told she was missing, I have been unable to sleep, my hair is falling out, I feel I am living in a nightmare I can't wake up from. Every time the phone rings, I think maybe they have found her, which is a mixed blessing - have they found a body or have they found my precious girl alive, by some miracle? Will she one day walk back through that door, the beautiful girl I have watched grow up and blossom into a beautiful young woman? Will I ever get to tell her again how much I love her?

Waiting one week to hear any news about Lateesha was so hard. Waiting eight weeks was torture. Waiting eight months is an absolute nightmare. To know that she is out there somewhere and we can't find her is the worst feeling you could imagine. It gets worse, not better with time. It has been a long and painful process, waiting for the news, letting the police do their job, hoping that I'm wrong about her being murdered.

Lateesha used to phone me all the time and we'd have great old chats. I missed her so much, as I was living in Queensland and I didn't get to see her as much as I would have liked to. But she was still my little girl and we were still very close. I was so proud of her, all that she had achieved at such a young age, her four beautiful children.

Parents are not supposed to bury their children, they should bury us. I was looking forward to watching Lateesha grow older, watching my grandchildren grow up with such a great Mum. She had so much life yet to live, she was only 24, and her whole future has been taken away from her. It's been taken away from her children too, they'll never get over losing their Mum.

And I'll never get over losing my baby girl. She will be in my heart forever, locked away where no one can ever hurt her again.

Somebody, somewhere MUST know what happened to Lateesha. Someone saw what happened that night, knows where she is, overheard a conversation. I can understand you being too scared to come forward but what if this was your daughter, your sister, your wife, your girlfriend, your Mum? Walk a mile in my shoes and feel my pain. All I want is to lay my girl down to rest, to bring her home. One anonymous phone call, saying where she is, no one will ever know that you called. We just need to find her, please.

If you have any information to give please call Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000. You do NOT have to give your name or any details, just provide that one bit of information that will end the nightmare for us all.

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