Monday, July 18, 2005

enough is enough

Clearly, crime is a global problem, affecting rich and poor, black and white and developed and developing countries. A rich literature exists on the underlying causes, and we have had a flavor of these in this space, centering around poverty, inequality, unemployment, and lack of social capital. Unemployed youth tend to be associated with crime in many instances, often having links with the drug trade,preventive crime measures, such as school programs, counseling, rehabilitation centers and all the other things that we know are needed to curb the influx of crime.This being said, for youth, formal education and learning from their families and communities is also important in created values of earning a living through hardwork, respect of the law etc. All in all, positive approaches would better sustain low crime than negative approaches because criminals are able to outsmart crime preventive measures. Besides, criminals are not stopped by punishment -- that is why we see criminals serving jail time again and again. Grave fears are also held for my daughter a mother-of-four Lateesha Nolan, who has been missing since January 4. then Police found the body of Kristy Scholes who has been found dead in the same house where my daughter had last been seen i ask my self who will be next what we need is the community to really pull together and say enough is enough myself i would love to find those responsible and im sure there is a lot of people there that would to. There has got to be someone that knows or have heard something doesn,t matter how small the information is the trouble is people are saying they dont want to get involved they can be anonymous ,so if any one does they can ring Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. before this happens to one of your own

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